Iced micro gear of the product line CoograDrive® for applications in extreme environments

Micro gearboxes for
extreme environmental

Delivering consistently reliable and efficient performance

Micro actuators in extreme environments

Applications in extreme environments invariably pose the greatest challenges and place the biggest demand on materials and integrated system elements. In this sector, Micromotion products excel, ensuring that the system continues to run under demanding environmental conditions with uncompromising reliability and safety.

For example, in the field of biotechnology, hermetically sealed micro drive systems are needed, typically for sample manipulation, in an environment that poses a biological hazard. Contamination of the test environment by the actuators must be reliably excluded. In this environment, ensuring that equipment is sterile as well as resistant to corrosion and aggressive chemicals is vital, a challenge that our micro gearboxes master with ease.

Micro actuators from Micromotion deliver excellent performance in extreme environments.

Other possible applications:

  • Consistently good performance at temperatures up to 400°C, e.g. in research for studying special physical effects
  • Absolute functional reliability, even under the heavy acceleration, shock and vibration, typically experienced in defence applications
  • Use in radioactive environments. E.g., in test equipment for nuclear reactors
  • and much more

Products with which typical applications have been realised in extreme environments:

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