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Miniaturised actuator solutions in medical technology

Reliability, long service life, biocompatible materials and minimal installation space, these are the central challenges engineers face when designing micro-drive components for medical technology. In ultrasound devices for sonography examinations, for example, the ultrasound actuator must be swivelled precisely and in a highly dynamic manner by means of micro positioning systems. From the angular locations, a 3D image data is calculated in real time. The more precise the angular position, the more exact the imaging technique and therefore the diagnosis.

The use of miniaturised actuator solutions from Micromotion ensures optimum application orientation. When looking for the right components for medical technology applications, the critical features to look out for include microscopic dimensions, high performance materials such as special titanium alloys and the ability to sterilise the equipment.

For precise diagnostics and effective therapies – the smallest movements can often achieve the biggest results.

Other possible applications:

  • Dosing drives in implantable systems for need based medication
  • Highly dynamic precision micro actuators for focusing in modern optical tomographic systems
  • Very robust angular gears with component dimensions in the sub-millimetre range for aligning optical components, for example, in endoscopes
  • Biocompatible and sterilisable titanium alloys allow micro actuators to be used in surgical devices or implantable medical applications
  • and much more

Products with which typical applications have been realised in medical technology:

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