A RasuunDrive®-micro linear pusher for applications in optics & lasers

Applications in
optics & lasers

Overcoming the challenges

High precision performance optics & lasers

Optical systems often present developers with problems that can ideally be solved with precision micro actuators from Micromotion. In a typical application, micro drive technology can be used to focus lenses or mirrors. Here, precision and space are critical factors. The actuators must not outgas and must be suitable for integration in the typically complex beam paths.

In addition to compactness, maximum dynamics and high precision performance, our products also feature a hollow shaft that runs through the micro gearbox to guide the beam path to the central rotary axis of the drive. The hollow shaft allows our customers to simplify the design and make the application even smaller.

Micromotion's actuator solutions focus on optimum performance.


Other possible applications:

  • Movements in the nanometre range, e.g. in large systems as synchrotron radiation sources for synchronising X-rays by means of refractor-mirror-controlled beam tuning
  • The control of refractor mirrors for filtering X-ray light at specific wavelengths with nanometre precision
  • Highly precise positioning movements, e.g. controlling optical filters in a beam path
  • Adjustment tasks, e.g. adjusting resonators on lasers for wavelength tuning
  • The alignment or switching of glass fibres, for example, operated by means of micro drive technology
  • The alignment of optical miniature parts during their assembly
  • and much more

Products with which typical applications have been realised in optical & laser technology:

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