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Standard actuators
from Micromotion

A semiconductor scenario

Miniaturised actuator systems

Applications that employ miniaturised actuator systems as standard, typically offer above average dynamics and synchronised accuracy packaged in a lightweight and compact product from Micromotion.

Miniaturised actuator systems are ideally suited for typical pick and place applications found in the semiconductor industry, where components such as miniaturised rotary actuators play a critical role. These actuators align extremely small chips with maximum angular accuracy in just a few milliseconds, before they are placed on a substrate. Here the Micromotion actuators offer the best balance of low weight and high accuracy. By reducing the weight, the basic axes can be reliably controlled with significantly faster acceleration. They can also be actuated with extreme angular accelerations thanks to minimal moments of inertia. It is these characteristics that offer a simple, well controlled and stable operating behaviour for trouble free continuous operation and a dramatic reduction in cycle times. As a result, the entire application benefits from improved productivity.

High performance micro drive systems are not limited to positioning tasks either.

Other possible applications include:

  • Drives for handheld devices, e.g. for preparing samples for analysis
  • Aligning micro components in assembly processes, e.g. in the watch industry
  • Dispensers for dosing extremely small quantities of fluid
  • Positioning test pins, e.g. for testing  chips
  • Trimming electronic circuits through the highly precise positioning of resonators
  • Base drives for parallel kinematics or even delta robots
  • and much more

Products with which typical applications have been realised in the area of standard actuators:

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