Miniaturised multi-axis manipulator of the product line BryleeDrive® by Micromotion

BryleeDrive ®

Multi-axis system from Micromotion

Multi-axis manipulators

The BryleeDrive® satisfies requirements for movements with more than one degree of freedom. BryleeDrive® systems are multi-axis manipulators and combine the advantages of our unique gear technology in a compact and high performance multi-axis system. Linear and rotational axes can be easily combined providing a high degree of integration possibilities to meet the most demanding application requirements. Solutions can be tailored to include integrated limit switches, the passing of signals or media and as required additional sensors or measurement systems.

The BryleeDrive® maintains the special features typical for Micromotion, such as minimal dimensions, low weight, maximum accuracy in the sub-micrometre range, simple control as well as high stability under production conditions.

Combined in one system: the best for ultimate flexibility.

Best seller from our BryleeDrive® line

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