Micro gear system of the product line CoograDrive® by Micromotion

CoograDrive ®

Highly durable and versatile rotary systems

Miniaturised rotary drives

CoograDrive® systems are miniaturised rotary drives – highly durable with low backlash. To achieve these minimal levels of backlash, the wear compensating effect of radially pre-tensioned and elastically deformable components is consistently exploited by the CoograDrive® micro planetary gear system, making the micro rotary gear systems ultra-robust and reliable.

Advantages and application conditions

Through the use of high quality materials, as well as a number of possible customer specific modifications, CoograDrive® systems can be used in any applications that require minimal installation space, low weight and maximum power density. The micro rotary drives can also operate in extreme environmental conditions without problem – they operate reliably at both very low and very high temperatures, are resistant to vibration and radiation and are suitable for UHV applications. Through the optional hollow shaft, compressed air, vacuum, optical fibres or laser beams can easily pass through the drive.

Reliable, durable, space-saving: the worker of our systems.


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