Micro eccentric actuator of the product line KeevoDrive® by Micromotion

KeevoDrive ®

Linear drive systems with a stroke of up to 6mm

Micro linear pushers ≤6 mm

Micro linear pushers with outstanding positioning accuracy into the nanometre range – these are our KeevoDrive® systems. What makes these systems special is the optional combination of a very precise and high resolution eccentric drive with the kinematic structure of monolithic flexure hinges. Combining the eccentric mechanism with a stepper motor, as well as a gear from the MaalonDrive® system, results in a simple and economical control solution with maximum resolution. The small number of components in the motion conversion minimizes disturbance variables and ensures high quality positioning – including excellent repeatability. Thanks to this unique and robust design, KeevoDrive® systems are suitable for adjusting movements in the single digit nanometre range.

Advantages and application conditions

he advantages of the linear pusher are clear. KeevoDrive® linear actuators feature excellent repeatability, no loss of position if the power supply is interrupted, simple and economical regulation without any additional measurement systems and the ability to function without any overshoot during positioning.
Like all products from Micromotion, KeevoDrive® systems can be used under extreme conditions, in UHV, at unusual operating temperatures or in medical contexts. The design can also be individually tailored to the needs of the customer with respect to controller environment and process control.

Small, light, versatile: our specialist for short stroke applications.


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